Everyone dreams of the freedom that owning their own business will one day bring them.  However, when many of these people try to become entrepreneurs they often fail (80% of businesses fail within the first five years of operation).  Many factors can explain this, however lack of funds – one needs to spend money in order to make it in business – is a big factor.  Many small business owners find WordPress to be a darling child for their small enterprises because of its many features with plugins that are compatible with other popular programs like Woocommerce.  However, the biggest reason why small business owners like WordPress for their small enterprises so much is because it is free to use, and keeping expenses low for vital business operations is crucial for small business owners who are trying to generate large amounts of profit in short periods of time to remain financially viable in the short and long-term!  Some of the other reasons why WordPress is so popular for small business owners are discussed below.

1.    Anyone can develop a WordPress website :

WordPress features are straightforward.  This makes them very easy to use.  Indeed, anyone, including people who know nothing about computers and/or programming can easily design and develop an attractive-looking, professional website using WordPress.  Another wonderful feature of WordPress is that many inexpensive hosting sites like Bluehost and Cloudways will develop and design an impressive-looking website that is very professional for any small business owner once he or she sets up his or her account using WordPress as the website.  This takes many burdens off the shoulders of small business owners.  It also allows them to concentrate on the daunting task of running their own businesses, and not of setting up and maintaining their corporate websites! 

Small business owners can easily avail of WordPress’s many free features and functions to help them easily maintain and modify their websites once developed.  This allows them to easily and effortlessly compete with major players in the industry without busting their corporate budgets to do so!  WordPress also comes with a dashboard that is straightforward and intuitive to use making it easy for even a novice to design a website that looks as though it was designed by a seasoned webmaster!

2.    WordPress is open source :

‘WordPress is open source.’  This phrase is used a lot to describe the many great features of WordPress.  What this means is that anyone can use WordPress and add to or modify its code to make the web platform function even better.  There are no expensive memberships or licenses to buy or activate.  Anyone with a computer and constant access to the Internet can easily make vital changes to WordPress code that will give it more functionality, and hence improve the web platform!  The source code for WordPress is very straightforward, meaning that anyone, even people with no previous programming knowledge, or web development background can easily use and modify/add to it!

3.    Anyone can easily use WordPress :

WordPress was designed for anyone to use, even those who know nothing, or virtually nothing about computers and programming.  These people can design websites that look like the ones designed by experienced webmasters!  This is the main reason why WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used web platforms for small business owners around the world!  WordPress also comes with an interface that is interactive and user-friendly meaning that anyone can create web pages, menus, posts, and manage social media platforms with ease, and like a professional!

4.    WordPress has a large community offering users instant online support :

Because many people around the world use WordPress for various purposes, it offers its users an excellent support system.  This means that anyone can ask pertinent and complex questions regarding WordPress, its usage, and applications and have them answered quickly and comprehensively by many experienced web programmers.  The magic behind WordPress is that this valuable function is offered to its users free of charge – this is a major factor differentiating WordPress from its competition because other web platforms charge for this kind of service!

Users can also learn a great deal about WordPress, and how to use its many features and plug-ins by reading the many blogs regarding these features and their usage on the WordPress blog.  The knowledge that users gain can be used on similar web platforms and compatible plugins.  This gives any online store owner the ability to create an impressive online store that rivals those of Amazon and Walmart quickly, with ease, and free of cost!  This is an important feature that online store owners need to keep them in business!

5.    WordPress is loaded with useful themes :

WordPress is loaded with many useful themes and this is necessary for any small business owner who wants to design a website that looks so professional that an expensive web developer built it for free.  Small business owners can easily do this because WordPress comes with many predesigned themes that are free of charge to use.  WordPress website is full of these kinds of themes and so are related websites that support WordPress.  This means that any small business owner can use a predesigned theme to design a website of their dreams which incites a call to action among its users in any industry!  These themes are designed to develop a responsive and interactive website that creates stickiness and motivates its users to respond by buying!

WordPress also has many inexpensive premium themes (small business owners must pay for the premium themes) but these themes come with extra features that will make any website very attractive, professional, and competitive in its respective industry.  The premium themes also come with a great deal of support from the developer, allowing the small business owner to develop his website with ease and with the dexterity of a pro! 

The reasons mentioned above are just a few of the many reasons why small business owners worldwide overwhelmingly choose WordPress as their web platform for their corporate website.  WordPress was designed for people with no programming knowledge and limited funds to use to create an impressive website that looks like it was designed by a pro.  This helps most small business owners tremendously because these features characterize them for the most part!

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