Cricket is no longer just played as a game; it is rather a religion. People are furious if their team loses the match, and party when their team wins. Surely, fantasy cricket is gaining prominence with time and Fan Super League is doing wonders in making your game better and more realistic.

Opportunities for Fantasy Cricket Mobile Applications

As per the statistics, fantasy application users have increased by 20% from 2017 to 2018. The trends show that it will reach out to 352.9 billion users and the application revenue is expected to hit 90 billion USD in 2019. Cricket is a lot more than just a sport the cricketers are celebrities; big brands sponsor the game, and celebrities buy teams in league tournaments and a lot more.  Every fan is an expert and there can be no better platform than Fan Super League to play such a celebrated game.

How Fantasy Apps Work

This is a platform where players can register, make payments, create their own teams, and create tournaments as well. The users earn points depending on their performance. After the game, the points are calculated and users can compare their performance with other players in the league.

Strong Reasons to Invest in Fantasy Cricket Mobile Apps

Opportunities: There is a huge scope of such applications as each year many cricket events take place like T20, ODI matches, IPL, and a lot more. This brings more scope to the sport.

Less Competition: The concept of fantasy cricket applications is quite new in the market and many applications aren’t available in the league. This brings in opportunities to develop fantasy cricket applications at this point in time.

Why One Should Invest in Fantasy Cricket Mobile Apps at this Point in Time?

There are many cricket events that are in line during 2019-2020 and hence it increases the success scope of the platform. The important events that are coming soon are:

Indian Premier League:

IPL takes place once a year and 2019 is the 12th year it is being organized and played with the same enthusiasts. In 2020, the 13th season will be held and hence the scope and reason to invest in an application like Fan Super League is a great idea.

Cricket World Cup ODI:

International ODI Cricket World Cup is also going to be held in 2019 which is the 12th edition of the league. This is being hosted by England and Wales. It is expected to break all the records in terms of the fantasy cricket world.

World Cup T-20

This event, which is held once every two years, will be held in 2020 which isn’t too far away. This will be the seventh edition of the world cup T-20.

When so many events are already lined up, this is surely high time that people feel more connected to the game and Fan Super League is very easy to understand.

Which are the Promising Markets For Fantasy Cricket Mobile Apps?

The promising markets are the countries where cricket is not just a sport; it is a religion and a festival. India is one of those countries where each household checks the score every once in a while.

Basic Features of Fantasy Cricket Mobile app:

Registration: Log on to the application and create your ID.

View Stats: You can anytime view the statistics of the performance of every player.

My profile: This is the place where you can see your basic information.

Join Leagues: Using this button, users can join the leagues and tournaments.

Fan Super League is the best platform that has a user-friendly interface. The process is simple and the game is surely amazing. Now don’t just watch cricket, rather this is the time to play.

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