Ultimate Tips To Leverage AI For SEO & PPC

Technology moves at a faster pace than we can even think of. Even though AI is not a new concept, it is relatively new in the field of search marketing or SEO. Let’s admit it, technology, in general influences the way people search the web. For example when the voice recognition feature was new in the market, and powerful machine learning algorithms got created, the entire searching procedure got shifted. People started to do voice search as a result of which the SEO way also got changed.

Similarly, artificial intelligence is the new storm in the market, some marketers are afraid that it is going to mess up the way in which the entire SEO or PPC works. But the truth is that it can be used to improve the SEO so that the AI can link the website in the search results. Wondering how this is possible? Well before that, you should have an in-depth knowledge of what AI is and how it is going to affect the search marketers.

What Is AI And How Will It Affect The Search Marketers?

Artificial intelligence is a brand new technology that is known to learn things, perceive them, reason them out on its own, will assist in various decision-making procedures and last but not the least it is going to help humans to solve any kind of problems. Now if you are wondering why search marketers should be concerned regarding any of it, then you will get your answer in the next few lines. Search marketers should be well versed with AI because the procedure of searching is becoming more and more advanced with this technology. What it means is that the AI will go and feed in the search engine so that it, in turn, becomes smarter to give more accurate results to the users.

What it basically means is that the search engine no longer will just be indexing or be keyword specific. It will also reason out the content that is available on the web and see if it is relevant to the person or not. An intelligent search engine will deliver more relevant and at the same time more personal results to the users. So what the way out of this? How can search marketers do their best to keep their website on top? Well, let’s take a look at the 3c best ways in which AI can be used as a leverage to improve search marketing.

3 Ways By Which Ai Can Be Leveraged To Improve Search Marketing

Try To Incorporate Intelligent Visuals – As days are passing by SEO services are becoming more and more visual. 23% of the online searches in recent years are image searches. Nowadays search engines like bing and Google lets the users search with images or text, so if you have been focusing on the written part its time you shift your entire attention to the visuals on your site. For that the few things you need to do is to – optimize the images on your webpage, add some more structured data, optimize the product feeds and last but not the least create some XML sitemaps. This is going to help you a lot to leverage AI for SEO and PPC.

Intelligent Audiences – Machine learning and AI is also going to benefit from the paid search. What it means is that with the advent of artificial intelligence there can be a list of users who have in general shown some interest in the purchase of a particular item. This is called in the market audience. So Ai will give you a list of all such people who are willing to buy and genuinely interested in the product that you are selling. This will be possible by assessing the clicks as well as the page views. There are already numerous audience lists available on the internet by which the advertisers can target them and lure them into buying their product. If this feature is used properly, then it is going to increase the click-through as well as the conversion rates. At the same time, it will reduce the costs per click. Some of the other automation that can be used to increase the efficiency are – dynamic search ads, automated extensions, and auto-bidding.

Intelligent Conversation Can Aid A Lot – Search is slowly becoming more and more conversational. For simple information based tasks, people are mostly using the voice search feature as it needs a lot less effort than typing the same. So for that, you must implement structured data, do the people also ask optimization in the website for follow up questions. Then you also need to answer the commonly asked questions so that your website pops up whenever someone asks for those. You can also optimize for the featured snippets and last but not the least you can optimize all the local listings. Some of the things in which you should probably pay immediate attention to improve the SEO is to develop highly intelligent chatbots in your site, create a skill and make it available across various platforms.

The search behaviors are improving at a really fast rate, so artificial intelligence is not in going to help the customers, but it is also going to be highly beneficial for the search marketers. How so? Well because an improved and a better understanding of what the audience wants will give the marketers a better chance of personalization. Moreover targeting a certain audience will help to widen the reach. The target can be made with the help of those preset lists. With the advent of AI, the conversational, as well as the visual interactions, will gain more focus which in turn will make the internet a fun place. So if you have still not Leveraged AI for SEO & PPC, then it’s about time you do it. A lot of SEO services are available to help you keep up with these new and advanced technology.

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