The website is an important thing for any kind of business these days. Designing the appropriate website that answers your customer needs should be the main focus while developing the website. Trends are changing day to day, and a website with relevant content will be a crucial thing for any kind of business to extract leads from it. So here are the top future-oriented web design trends that can bring more customer engagement and conversion activities.

  • Making mobile priority websites :

43.6 % of the website traffic is generated from mobile in 2017 and it is expected to increase drastically in the years to come. It is evident that mobile-friendly websites are a must to improve website traffic and provide a better user experience and that will help you in getting better conversion rates. The Accelerated mobile pages ( AMP ) allow publishers to load their pages quickly on mobile. With the amount of mobile traffic that seems to be no slowing down in the near time, it is important for you to develop your website that provides a mobile-friendly user experience. Google’s updated search algorithm ranks the mobile-friendly websites at the top so it is clear that creating a mobile-friendly website should be your top priority.

  • Irregular grid layouts :

 Grid layouts help the designers to tie all the pages together and make them easy to navigate. This strategy has been used for a while and many content management systems and platforms use grid design for their templates.  The ultra-modern design style of the Grid layouts allows the web development services to make the content stand out so that it can be must easier for the visitors to read and navigate. This allows the visitors to spend more time on your website which can gradually increase the conversation rates.

  • Bold fonts & bright colors :

Bond font styles and bright colors help the visitors to focus on your content and white space makes your content easier to read. People tend to spend a few seconds to max a few minutes on your website so it is important to catch their attention. The main objective of any website is to provide a user-friendly experience to visitors as much as you can so that they can be converted into future customers. Now the trend is fonds and styles are replacing the images because the website will slow with the images in the mobile so in the process of providing better user experience images are replaced with fonts and styles.

  • Increase in micro-interactions :

Micro-interactions allow users to communicate in real-time which increases the speed and connectivity they expect from the modern mobile-connected world. It also provides much-needed interactions within a short span of time. It increases the conversation because using this you can answer the queries of the customer.

  • Responsive Design :

With the UX revolution happening everywhere and the concept of virtual reality has been the talking point the responsive designs have been implemented widely these days. responsive design resizes the look of your website according to the device and keeps it more appealing.

  • Internet of Things:

The Internet of Things has been a huge talking point and it continues to do the same in 2018. APIs allow the web developers to connect and communicate with the devices which can increase the interconnectivity in the years to come.

  • Progressive web app :

With mobile internet consumption increasing consistently over the years, creating progressive apps with better user experiences like animated page transitions and push notifications is the current trend prevailing in the web development industry.

The major goal of any website is to provide a better user experience that can improve the conversion rate in the near future and improve the reliability of our business. So by implementing the above – mentioned trend, you can provide a better user experience for your users.

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