It is crucial that you keep a close watch on how your competitors are handling their social media, what their ranking is in search engines, their public relations emails, and just about anything else which helps them in the growth of their business. How does this help? Once you are able to track what your competitors are doing, you can plan out strategies to beat them in their own game which is based on data rather than just assumptions. It also helps you find inspiration for new ways of dealing with your customers as well as enables you to understand where you can improve your business operations.

Traffic Analytics Tool:

The name is pretty self-explanatory when it comes to Traffic Analytics Tools. These tools help you to keep track of how many clicks and users your competitors are getting on their websites. Some applications also help you break down the sources of the traffic, whether a user has been led to the site from a social media link, a search engine link, a backlink, or some there source. They also help you gain insight into how many users interact with the web content.

1.    Google Analytics: with the help of Google Analytics you will be able to obtain a better insight into what potential customers like or do not like about your website. This tool provides information on what browser your users use, which country they are coming from, which link led them to your sites, which pages they visit and the amount of time that they spend on those pages, which links get the most number of clicks, and finally, which page they visit before they exit. This tool also performs you with information on which links lead them to complete a task that you would like for them to perform such as buying a product or registering on the website. This tool helps you come up with insightful strategies to improve your website content.

2.    SEMRush Traffic Analytics: it helps you not only gain more insight into what users love about your website but also enables you to keep track of your competitors. It shows you which marketing strategies will help you with getting more users to visit your web content, and engage with it. The user interface is straightforward and comfortable to use, and thus it is a great tool even for beginners!

3.    Alexa: with the help of Alexa you will be able to compare your website to other competitors in the same market. You can keep track of their traffic status as well as the keywords and marketing strategies used. Alexa provides you with the rankings of competitor websites to show you whether or not they are outperforming you, and which domains you should look out for.

4.    SimilarWeb: With the help of SimilarWeb you can compare and contrast your site with your competitor’s. You can use this tool to see where your traffics is coming from and make your backlinks and social media postings. It helps you to find out how competitors in the same market are doing based on their website traffic, ads as well as keywords.

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