Top 7 SEO KPIs You Should Never Miss Tracking

SEO is the long-term process you should expect result in overnight. It is a step by step process which requires continuous tracking and efforts in order to gain maximum profits after some time. Many people are thinking that SEO is a difficult thing to track but that isn’t true. You need to keep an eye on a few matrices on a regular basis in order to attain success in SEO. Here is the list of matrices and KPIs that you should track consistently:

Leads and sales :

Your website should support your business and sometimes it may be your business. Your website needs to generate leads if it is a lead generation site or it should sell products if it an E-commerce site. Without generating leads it is not worthy to have a website. so your SEO should impact your sales.

Let’s begin with lead generation websites, normally lead generation websites will have some kind of form that includes, name, phone number and mail id and push the audience to fill the form. You can use those leads for your business purpose.

While tracking leads you need to set the destination goal in google analytics to track how many people reaching till the completion page. The completion of the form should take the visitor to the unique landing page like “thank you” page. The forms that are completed can be considered as the qualified leads and you can take them forward.

In order to track sales on your website ( if it is an E-commerce page ), you can set up an E-commerce tracking page. There are two different types of E-commerce tracking available.

1 ) Standard E-commerce tracking

2 ) Enhanced E-commerce tracking.

Standard E-commerce Tracking :

The standard E-commerce Tracking will help you to analyze the purchase activity on your site. You can able to track the product and transaction information best time purchase and average order value.

Enhanced E-commerce Tracking :

The enhanced E-commerce Tracking will help you to track items that the customers added to the cart to when they completed the purchase. You can also track the segments of the customers falling out of the sales funnel.

Organic traffic :

When you start doing SEO campaign your primary aim will be generating organic traffic to your website and moreover, organic traffic is free. So it is important to track the performance of your organic traffic. You can evaluate your organic traffic by comparing the time periods. You can look at the three different time periods while evaluating the performance of your SEO campaign:

Week over week data: you can analyze the traffic by comparing the performance of the past two weeks. it is very useful when you are doing something major on your website like launching major content campaign and installing HTTPS to track the performance before and after.

Month over month data: it is useful when you want to track the long-term effects of your SEO campaign. Google’s algorithm is changing quite often it is difficult to draw the conclusions only by looking at week over week data. Most SEO is the slow result oriented so it takes some time at least a month to get the desired results.

Year over year data: it will be helpful for you in tracking the long-term trends of your campaign. Year over year data is important to track the seasonal impacts of your business.

Keywords :

If the content is the heart of SEO then the keyword is the brain of your SEO campaign. Right keywords will bring you quality leads and will make a long – term impact in driving traffic to your website.

There are lots of tools available in the market to do keyword research and track your site rankings.

Backlinks and referring domains :

Along with the quality and relevant content, backlinks play a key role in ranking factor. It is important to track the backlinks that are pointing to your website. there are a few things that you should keep in mind while tracking the backlinks.

Amount of backlinks really matters because if you giving 20 backlinks to your websit5e and your competitor is giving 20,000 backlinks to his website means it is impossible for you to outrank them. So giving more backlinks will help you in getting good website ranking.

While giving backlinks it is important to check the relevancy for instance if you are selling medical products but you have given a backlink to a sports niche content means it will not work out for you and Google will consider it as spammy and will penalize you for this. So you need to ensure that you are giving a backlink to proper content. 

The diversity of the backlinks is also important it is better to give 10,000 backlinks from 500 websites is far better than giving 20,000 backlinks in 2 websites.

Bounce rate :

Bounce rate is defined as the percentage of single-page sessions which means the sessions in which the person left from your site from the entrance page without doing any kinds of interaction.

Bounce rate is one of the best ways to measure user engagement on your site. The low bounce rate is the indication of user founding website more useful and interesting.

In order to decrease the bounce rate, you should to further enhancement in things like page speed, UX and navigation.

Pages per session:

A page per session is one of the best ways to calculate your user engagement metric. Higher the rate indicates that the number of users is engaged by going to multiple pages on your website. it is an indication of how effective your site funnel, your navigation, and your engaging content.

If your pages per session are low then you need to change the content and you have to look into navigation and site funnel and make it as an engaging one.

Average page load time:

This is the final and important SEO metric which helps you to identify how quickly your website is getting loaded in the browser. Fast web pages are needed for better user experience and SEO.

These are the main metrics you need to look upon while tracking your organic search campaign. Do, it effectively and change the strategies when required you will see the better results.

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