The entire socio-economic, political, and cultural aspects of the contemporary world have been encompassed and up to some extent controlled by social media or social networking platforms. There are rumors that there was a specific social media impact affecting the Trump election in the USA, and similarly, WhatsApp has been made responsible for the increasing mob lynching in India. Nobody knows what the truth is, but it is beyond doubt that social media has crept into all spheres of human life affecting positive development with specific drawbacks. The role of social media in promoting business is not only an established fact but also a popularly acknowledged, accepted, and followed marketing strategy for most business groups and individuals. An often talked about example regarding this is the skyrocketing cake business of Rachel Bakes through Instagram. However, a lack of proper planning and unsystematic social media strategies can reverse back any flourishing business and land in disaster. Here are a few incredibly useful social media tips which can help you grow your small business into the high-ranking business entrepreneur you always desired and dreamt of.

1) Proper Planning :

Just don’t rush into a social media platform with the view that you are left behind. Never enter social media with a typical businessman attitude that all other competitors have already influenced the platform and have occupied the market leaving no space for you. Remember what Kami Huyse the eminent social media strategist says: “The first rule of social media is that everything changes all the time. What won’t change is the community’s desire to network”. Therefore, take a steady and stable turn and plan before action. Set a goal along with a set of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reliable, and Time-bound) objectives which will step by step lead you towards success. Get into the target social media platform and carry out an in-depth study. If you find potential competitors take note of their effective strategies and follow them. Review the platform again and again. Chalk out a plan of action and proceed accordingly.

2) Choose the right social media platform :

Social media platforms are plenty you may not be able to count. Do a careful survey and choose the best social media that fits your business the most. Do research on social media whose users will have an interest in your product or business. You need to keep the gender, age group, and even region into consideration very analytically so that you don’t land on the wrong audience ultimately resulting in rejection of your offer. “People want to do business with you because you help them get what they want. They don’t do business with you to help you get what you want.”(Don Crowther-eminent marketing business strategy & online marketing business Expert).

3) Circulate yourself :

The basic thing the social media platforms do is circulate the posts which are liked and responded to by the users. If your post does not interest anybody you will have no respondent and ultimately your effort will end up futile. Therefore your post or story plays a vital role in the entire social media marketing. You will have to pay special attention to create a very attractive but genuine post or story which will rouse the interest of the audience and follow up with a response. Don’t worry if there are disturbing queries, negative responses, and sometimes ridiculing messages; it shows that people are interested in your post and they want to talk about it. Just refer to what David Meerman Scott the famous marketing and sales strategist and the author of the best-seller “The new rules of Marketing & PR” says: “think like a publisher, not a marketer”.

4) Genuinely build your relationship :

Social media marketing is successful because you win friends on social media platforms and not customers. Secondly, the more friends you gain the more advertisements you acquire because your friends turn out to be the medium of advertisement for you by way of referring to their friends. But then you should know how you win your friends. The first thing you must keep in mind is that your relationship must not be based on the hidden agenda of your business. You need to first trust in your offers yourself and then speak genuinely while promoting your offer. Respect the views of the audience and never start a debate or quarrel with your audience which will hamper the relationship.

5) Expand your community :

Once you are satisfied that you are followed up with sizable friends, start a community. Take care to keep the members of your community always engaging with new and interesting posts or stories. Start discussions with engaging and interesting articulations. Your appreciation of the individuals and their opinion will boost the number of participants in your discussion. The more audience participation in the discussions the more expansion the community will gain; so also your business.

6) Build your image and keep yourself on top :

As you lead a community or a discussion, be sure that it is you who has built up the community and that the individuals in the community are yours. Here, you have a dual role. On the one hand, you are not more important than every individual who is participating in the community, and on the other, you are the facilitator and idol of the community. You are a member as well as a leader. Therefore you need to handle the community in such a way that your image is on top.

7) Keep your page/post/stories interesting with images & videos :

In order to sustain and grow your community, incorporate interesting images and videos on your page or posts. The images or videos must not be irritating. But they should be entertaining, informative, and thought to provoke. Keep on inserting new images and videos regularly. This will grow your community as well as your marketing.

Social media is one of the best platforms to grow your small business and if you step by step feed your business with new proper strategies it will grow and touch the horizon. This has been proved by many entrepreneurs, and that’s the reason social media marketing is growing.

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