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About Best Fantasy Sports App Marketing in India

Fantasy games allow users to participate actively and play with a selected team of real-world players. Nowadays, various contests are being organized where the players could participate for free or at a very small (almost negligible) cost. 

The fantasy sports market has been growing for many past years and is exponentially expanding with time. Recent researches by the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming reveal that these fictitious sports increased 22.1% in India and the gaming industry has uplifted its profit from 43.8 billion INR to 118.8 billion INR approximately. In this regard, the presence of daily fantasy sports sites like Dream 11 and easy availability and penetration of the Internet along with the increasing interests of the players play a pivotal role in flourishing these sportive games.

Fantasy Sports App Marketing in India
antasy Cricket App Development

Why marketing is most important for fantasy app today

There is no doubt that sports have always been the best co-scholastic activities since the era and is an equally important parallel to studies. In this context, fantasy sports introduced the zeal and enthusiasm of these sports to the hands of every passionate sports lover. This craze for fantasy sports emerges numerous fantasy sites and their apps as well. Thus, marketing these amazing sports is quite important as different digital sports platforms come with different creative and effective features. 

At the same time, the marketing of these apps is also challenging for the operators as the two successful players (Google and Facebook) of the digital world doesn’t support the marketing of Fantasy Apps. The operators have to strive hard to acquire the services of Google and Facebook Ads. Facebook and Google consider these games as RMG (Real-Time Money Games). However, in India, fantasy games stand as the ”game of skills” that potentially enhance the skill, creativity and concentration level. We have to face the same problems while proceeding in the process of Best fantasy sports digital marketing in india. However, we don’t support RMG and thus ensure our users that they will certainly receive the best experience ever. Our digital platform is quite very easy to jump in and enjoy. It’s undoubtedly worth the money.

What’s Trending Now

By far, Football is the best fantasy sport followed by Cricket, Basketball, Badminton, Baseball and so on. Recently, Kabaddi and Rugby are emerging efficiently as some of the best sporting apps.

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We earnestly suggest you go through all the terms and conditions as well as the rules and regulations before participating in any online gaming app.

Company Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

We have strong team support and a robust client chain that stand as the first and foremost base of our successful organization. We hold expertise in various digital marketing aspects including SEO, SRP, SMM, etc. Apart from these, we enrich you with the outstanding features of Safe & Secure Payments Gateway or procedure, Fully Transparent policies, Fixed Player Credits, Genuine, Verified Users. We don’t support Real-time Money Games and any sort of Online Gambling Games. We are a reputed name in the industry. 

We support ”Game of Skills” not Game of Chance. Albatross Media follows all the rules and regulations as well as the guidelines given by Google, Facebook community and Fantasy Sports Federation. Next time, when you think about how to market a fantasy app in India, feel free to knock us.

Fantasy Cricket App Development Company

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Customized Social Media Strategy

Our working team is highly dedicated and work-addictive. We have the caliber to provide you all the customizable services on a daily, weekly and even seasonal basis. And if you are searching for a custom, or simply, white label fantasy sports software to enhance the quality and demand.

Successful marketing of fantasy apps and gaining the solutions regarding what is the best way to market for a cricket fantasy app are no more a fantasy now. We are here to convert your fantasy into reality with our trusted and advanced platform.

Bespoke Marketing Plans

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We are an experienced professional player in this fraternity. We are well-versed in providing the finest features that spontaneously cause keen user engagement supported with the launch of Analytics and other broadcast solutions. The services are versatile and the cost is affordable.

Our trustworthy policies, 24X7 responsive team, latest and smart tools, and software, and smart management procedures are the pillars of our company. All these increment scalability and credibility of our company and make us worthy to bestow you the right ways regarding how to be a part of fantasy cricket app industry or any other

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When it comes to fantasy app marketing, we enrich you with a fully-featured, impressive and eye-catching Applications having responsive and prompt caliber. Your sales will increase and the leads will spontaneously generate higher and higher.

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Count on us with complete trust and confidence. Our expert team employs professional methods and techniques with the trendiest as well as the most productive way. We put our best efforts to stand as one of the best marketing companies.

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Best Practices

We possess decades of experience in the field of the digital world or anything relevant to App promotion for your fantasy sports. Along with this, we have a client-base of thousands of users enjoying our impeccable services.

Fantasy Sports App Marketing in India

App Store Optimization

Enhance your app visibility and ranking at the top enriched with perfectly balanced targeted keywords and get ranked higher in the Apple store.

App Install campaigns

We possess intense experience in every aspect of App Install Campaigns starting from managing Universal App Campaigns to running Ads directly to the Apple store.

CPI Campaign Affiliate Networks

Acquire the affiliate networks having high retention rates and optimum level CPI (cost per install) with our handpicked network of quality publishers.

App Reputation Campaigns

Albatross Media is dedicated to rendering multi-disciplinary requirements relevant to performance, scalability, credibility, usability, and security.

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success


We spend our quality time in researching the market, customers’ perspectives and requirements, competition level and so on.

App Title

The app title is an efficient element in ASO. We thrive best to create it effectively having an amalgamation of unique, branded and short but relevant keywords.

App Logo

App Logo creates the first impression on the viewers. We help you in crafting a bright-colored, unique-shaped, yet simple logo to enhance your ASO.

App Description

When it comes to the app description, we keep it informative, vivid, compelling, easy to read, simple and concise adorned with call-to-action words describing its features to drive more downloads.

App Screenshots

Adding screenshots and videos upgrade the level of visualization and downloading’s by highlighting the significant and best pages or parts of the app to increase the downloading rate.

Keyword Research For ASO

The app store allows 100 characters supporting search results. We employ latest and bonafide tools and software to extract the higher traffic by searching the most searched keywords by the customers and the highly targeted keywords by the competitors to enhance ASO

App Category

Google Playstore has only a single category. On the contrary, the iOS app store has a primary and secondary category for your app. We help you to choose a relevant category considering your app’s best fit, user preferences and competitor categories.

App Reviews & Ratings

App Reviews and ratings play a pivotal role in ASO. Albatross Media encourages app reviews and ratings by your happy customers via prompts or incentives. We also work effectively in analyzing your existing reviews and leveraging positive comments and feedbacks to uplift your apps’ ASO.

Download & Retention

We are experts in dealing with the potential challenges hurdling the app development such as— post download, app retention, and engagement. To strengthen and extend the lifespan of the app, we introduce incentivization, adding personalization, asking feedbacks and providing positive feedforwards, delivering frequent updates and so on.

App Publisher Name

Increment your search-ability by adding the reputed publisher me affecting the app’s downloads and usage.

Weekly Report

We work professionally and provide you a vivid weekly report and its rigid comparison regarding progress, competition, and performance of the app.

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