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SMS/Email Marketing services in mumbai

SMS email marketing is necessary if a company wants to keep up with time and engage their audience effectively. Through SMS/email marketing services in mumbai it is possible to get the expected results on time.

In recent years SMS or short message service has become the most preferred text messaging system. SMS is one of the top communication platforms today. SMS platform is backed up with the popularity of smartphones. People prefer to keep their smartphones in hand all the time and hence through SMS it is easy to communicate with them. The best part is, today email and SMS have become powerful combinations. When we combine these two we can easily achieve powerful results.

The combination of SMS and Email marketing can bring a lot of advantages and let us look into some of them.

SMS Email marketing is permission-based

In SMS marketing the receipt should enter a code received for getting the messages. This process makes sure that a person actually wants to receive messages or not. The organization can make sure that a person is actually intended and they are not spammed.

  • This is a major plus because the organizations which make use of email marketing can send a code through SMS
  • Now the prospect if interested will say yes, start sending messages to me or emails to me
  • Even for email-marketing, only opted users will receive emails
  • Through SMS email marketing, it is possible to target the right audience rather sending ads randomly
  • The people who opt are the right prospects and you can start communicating with them

Utilizing Smartphones

SMS is the perfect marketing medium when we consider smartphones. But meantime we should also know that the majority of the people check their email on smartphones. Most of the emails are read on smartphones. Hence a combination of SMS and email marketing you can make sure that the message will be read by the receipt at least through one of the mediums.

  • Texting Email subscribers
  • Makes sure to use shorter emails for conveying the message in a better way
  • There is no time for people to read longer messages
  • The subject should be highly convincing so that they open the messages
  • Even then, they may turn away just by looking at the length of the email

These important things should be considered when you write an email. But it is not as easy as you think because all the short emails may not give justice for actual messages, for example, introducing some new product. It is not easy to explain a new product without a lengthy email.

So, make use of SMS.

  • Send an SMS which reveals what you can explain from your email
  • SMS is the best way to convey the message briefly
  • Here you can make use of more words when compared to the subject of the email
  • The best thing about messages is unless it is too big, there is no need to scroll down
  • The message you send should never exceed 160 words

Expect Quick Response

Even though people check their emails using their smartphones, this platform has never resulted in improving the response time. If you are on a long scale project or ling-term sales campaign, then there is no need to worry. But, if you choose flash-scale and you don’t have much time, then, slow response time is a major issue.

  • This is the reason, you should think of combining SMS and email marketing campaigns
  • Even the average text messages grab response within 90 seconds
  • Hence, irrespective of the offer, when you are expecting instant results, it is better to combine email and SMS marketing

Final Thoughts

Through SMS email marketing, it becomes easy to reach the long term goals of your company. SMS and email marketing in combination can perform better and they are really powerful when used in the same campaign. Emails are the best option for long term messages and it is better to keep them short. For shorter messages choose SMS and this also brings short response time.

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