“Listening is hearing the needs of the customer, understanding those needs and making sure the company recognizes the opportunity they present.” – Frank Eliason 

A process to assemble the important information regarding the customer’s choices and the requirement is called marketing research. The research will determine to develop a strategy in the digital marketing field. So, Albatross Media uses market research for digital marketing tools. The research is a key point to step up the growth of any business.

Why choose us


Successful agencies often find themselves with a wealth of projects, but limited resources. This can affect lead times and threaten client satisfaction.

Hiring new staff can be a nightmare. By working with an experienced partner like Albatross Media, you will be able to handle these ebbs and flows with brilliance, keeping clients more satisfied.


While some companies seek to grow senior developers, our team is made up of professionals that have been in the industry for years. We had worked on projects that span the globe. From web development to marketing (and more) our team leverages their knowledge to your benefit. We care about long-term rankings and not quick, easy fixes.


For all our experience and knowledge, it would cost any agency hundreds of thousands to develop internally. But with Albatross Media, you only pay us for the time we spend on your project. You are only paying us when we are working on your projects, and you are already making money.

Knowing who your audience is the key to your marketing research

Albatross Media works for the business and organization to succeed. We know how to appeal and connect with your target audience.

We develop solid research on your targeted customers. By solid market research, we mean that we dig deep to discover:

  • Your target customer’s needs.
  • Your target customer’s wants
  • Where your target customer goes for information.
  • Who influences your target customer’s decisions. 

This research let us determine:

  • What prompts your target audience to act (buy a new car, visit a ski resort, donate to your cause, sign-up for an event).
  • How your target audience evaluates their options.
  • How your target audience comes to a decision.
  • What affects your target audience’s decision.

E-commerce website – an example of our research

If you want to enhance your business or upgrade your brand’s name then the solution to this question ends with an E-commerce website. The reachability of an enterprise gets expanded with the help of E-commerce. 

By using our market research, our developers build an E-commerce website with the help of SEO tools. We assign our efficient, skilled, qualified workforce for this to result in a positive outcome.

We let people guide to other content that might be relevant to their interests. This will keep them on the website for longer. It will possibly get them to buy more products. Thus market research has its role everywhere. 

 Our research tactics and its application

  • Highlighting keywords to target the right audience: We choose small keywords that are relevant to your business field. We include such keywords to make it SEO friendly. It will reflect the intent of the buyer. We focus on improving the overall growth of organic search traffic and never become hyper-focused on ranking for a specific keyword.
  • Social media leveraging: People are getting influenced by social media channels. Albatross Media uses this as a market research medium for spreading the brand’s names. We layer to target that audience whom our message appeals more. 
  • Creative and understandable message: To make the content different on each platform, we visit different social media platforms. We use various logo designs to leave our impact in a creative way. The content we give to the website has its quality and quantity apart from a creative message.
  • Display the search ads: Using various social media platforms, we display search ads using machine learning and SEO tools. This optimizes the website in accordance with the view of the customer.