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App Store Marketing- Every download matters!

There are more than 1 million apps on the App Store. Each with a set of audiences for its consumption. However, not all apps are famous and used regularly. You have a very good app. It can change the way people see the world. It can make a user’s life easy. Only if people know about the existence of the app. A good idea becomes great with great marketing. And we are here, just for that.

At Albatross Media and Entertainment, we value your work. We want the world to know the next big thing. Our App Store Marketing solutions will make sure that your app gets the maximum downloads. We can help in improving the distribution of programs. App Store Marketing works just like search engine optimization. We will help you increase your app’s search rankings within the App Store.

Our solutions ensure maximum visibility and download of your app. We will help you generate the amount of audience you are looking for. We are the Best App Store marketing company in India. We believe that everything should be focused on conveying value and encouraging the user to action. Below are some of the important aspects we take care of

First Impression:

A few of the most important elements that create a strong first impression are

  • Name: The name of the app is the most important element.

A majority of the apps on the App Store follow a simple pattern for the name  [name] – [keyword]

As part of our solution, we can help you come up with a unique and recognizable name for your app.

  • Photos: Photos are the first visual preview of the app.

You’re allowed to add up to five screenshots or photos to explain your app.

We will help you with the approach that will be best for your app. We can promote the app by giving a preview of the UI or by lifestyle photos if the app functions on those values. Showing the key emphasis is on the benefits of the app to the end-user.

  • App Preview: A short video of the app is always a great help to marketing.

The app preview is like a short ad it shows off what the user will be getting. This can be essentially useful if you have a gaming app or an app with different interfaces.

We can provide solutions that help you achieve the quality of the preview video you have been thinking of.

Reviews and Analyses:

The first impression will always be under the developer’s control. But the users’ reviews are critical too.

These days, online reviews are most important across all industries. The App Store is no exception. With an in-depth review and analysis by our experts, we can help you increase the audience. The first thing a user does before installing the app is to read the reviews. A strong review by our experts will encourage other users to download and use the app.

The rating of the app is another critical part. According to a report, more than 60% of users usually or always check the ratings before downloading an app. We will help you get the high ratings an app requires.


Localizing an app means adapting your marketing efforts according to the local culture and trends. Targeting particular demographics can help increase the user base. Users will feel the app has authenticity. It’s a personal touch from the developer to its user.  Our solutions will help you identify localization needs. This will help generate the number of users that you desire.

Deep Linking:

With deep links, a user can directly be sent to the content of the app. If the app isn’t installed on the user’s phone, they will be sent to download the app from the app store. This is a good sign as the user has already shown interest in the app.

This can be great because a user can be compelled to download the app from the deep link shared by his/her friend. If the user likes the app, well, you get a lifelong customer.

We provide you with all kinds of solutions for your App Store Marketing.