Fantasy Cricket App Development Company

Fantasy Cricket App Development Company
antasy Cricket App Development

About The Fantasy Cricket App Development

We are a fantasy cricket website developer in India. The market is flooded with different fantasy sports app developers but only experts can help you to get the optimum advantage of the conducive atmosphere of the country. If you are also planning to jump in the market of a fantasy cricket app development then you should go with a reliable and trustworthy fantasy sports app development company like us because WE KNOW THE TASTE OF SPECTATORS!

With various magical cricketing apps like Dream11, My 11 Circles, My Team 11, Khelchamps, Fan Fight Fantasy power11, etc, fantasy cricket games have emerged in the digital scenario of the fantasy gaming app sector in India. Everyone wants the answer on how to make an app like dream11. Our answers are quite different from others as we carry sufficient experience and sound technology. In short, we are providing an expert platform for fantasy sports app development providing very easy access to our clients to develop a fantasy sports app at an affordable cost. So if you are also planning to create an app like dream11 then ALBATROSS MEDIA is at your disposal.

We Solve Real Problems

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Our strategy is based on understanding the customers, the competitive landscape, and the utility of your app.


The development process of the fantasy app is slightly different from other apps as here you need to create a user-friendly outer end while a highly secure inner end to avoid any kind of unfortunate situation.


Our group offers various drafting alternatives which incorporate sell-off, high/low offer, auto-draft to create the magic. Alongside, the live chat option is provided to enhance the involvement of the users.


We offer random fantasy software programming solutions including empire, compensation, auction, pirate, manager style, all-out points, Head-to-Head (H2H) and every day sports fantasy solutions.


We at Albatross Media gives the completely tweaked fantasy sports app programming to the customers as indicated by their fantasy programming as well as a high-end custom scoring system to generate interest of potential users.


AR is the interest of the new world and it is having an essential influence in the gaming business, so we give the Fantasy sports site advancement and application services with AR Solutions, with these clients can feel the virtual world.


Our group offers fantasy cricket website development with Analytics service, so the client can know the advancement of the webpage and ready to know the enthusiasm of the betters.


Our fantasy sports app development and programming accompany a plethora of cutting edge highlights which are important to fabricate a solid plan of action for you. It likewise covers sensible information or data-base and social media integration.


We go wild about finding that ideal equalization of incredible client experience, UI and logical UX movement, to make your users fall in love at your product at the very first glance.

Third Party API

The Fantasy Sports App API gives simple to utilize, instant information to the developers that can be effectively integrated into their foundation.

Bespoke Development Plans

We'd love to share our knowledge and experience

Our fantasy sports app developers understand the nature and likings of the common man which is ultimately beneficial for the clients. With Albatross Media, you need not bother about quality and efficiency because 100 % customer satisfaction is our primary motto. 

If you wanted to take complete advantage of the upcoming IPL season then you should start preparations for the fantasy cricket app now to maximize the profit margins. A fantasy cricket app development company provides complete assistance to develop user-friendly and easy-to-understand platform-independent applications. We also work as a fantasy cricket website developer to enhance the experience of viewers and add more spice to the game.


The applications developed by us support all prevalent platforms


The applications developed by us support all prevalent platforms



We don't believe in designing arcane codes that are difficult to understand, modify and run.
Our fantasy apps are quite compatible with all the platforms. User from any part of the world can easily download the executable file from-

We Have Great Application
Features and Functionality

Contestant/Application user

If a user wants to register to the app then he or she needs to submit an email id, username, and password. Besides this user can submit contact number and referral code(if provided by someone else). The process of registration is quite simple and any person with basic knowledge of smartphones can do it within 2 minutes.

This area is the heart of the app. In this part, the user can see the whole contest details for different matches with a complete description like contest type, contest size, the amount for an entry fee, winning range, winning-prize, total team members in one team and how much rank a user should get for winning the contest. The user will get a rough idea about the whole contest through these details. In short, we can say that the developer is providing the playing field in this section to the spectators to play the game of speculations.

We also provide the option to customize the game. Users can create their private contest according to their interests. All they have to do is click once at OWN CONTEST option and submit some basic details for making a contest like name of contest, contest size (minimum 2 & maximum 100), information about winning amount (for first and last winner), participation of multiple teams( yes or no), entry fees for each team ( entry fee calculation depends on the price amount and contest size selected). The creator has to join first to activate the contest. 

In this section of the application, the user will be able to see and update the profile details if any change is required. This portion will also have some important features like total balance, winning price, Add cash, reward points, cash bonus, view transaction, manage payments, withdraw winning amount (for withdrawing money user have to submit bank account and pan card details), my friends, invite & earn, logout. The verification from admin is required to transfer the money.

A home screen in an App or Website covers all the available options for users. The coding for the of an App is done in such a way that the user will face the home screen for the first time only after logging in. All the details of a contest match will be shown in this section. A user can search for the contest by team name, sport type(cricket, volleyball, football), match timings, name of the contest, etc.
When the selection is completed the user will be automatically directed to the contest page

Join Contest: User can join the desired contest in just single after paying the entry fee

Payment Mode: One can pay the entry fee online using all prevalent payment methods like net-banking, Debit/Credit card, various types of online wallets like Paytm, Phone-pay, etc. The option of referral cash is also provided, even users can use the application wallet points to play a new game. 

In this portion, all the participants can view the details of other participants playing in the contest. The creator can manage and edit the details of the participants according to team confirmation.
(Note: Any user can decide the players till the predecided time limit after that the complete control is under the hands of app owner.)

This section includes some interesting options like-

Invite & Earn: 
In this portion, the user will find out some interesting things. In this section, the user can share the app URL and referral code to their friends with the help of an app link. When the user’s friends will join the contest with the referral code provided by the user, he/she will get a bonus price for doing the same procedure. And after it, the user will also get a bonus amount which can be used in other contests. 
(Note: The owner excises complete control over cash bonus and reward points earned from playing.)

CMS section:
 If the user has any doubt in mind about the app then in this section will help them to find out the solution. This section includes some basic problem-solving features like help, contact us, about us 

Admin Dashboard

(Back-end Panel) for Operator

Admin login: From this interface, the admin can access the app by submitting the username and password.

Dashboard:  This section provides exact and real-time information of all the users. Through the dashboard, an admin will get all the data in a precise manner 

like: total matches, participating contestant and total earning of the user.

Admin can make decisions about all the upcoming matches. also manages the match list, delete, active, deactivate and edit the entire match details.

Admin can manage all the contests created by creators. Admin can change, edit, delete the contest to the app according to the suitable conditions.

Admin manages all the online payment methods used by the user for paying entry fees.

Admin will manage the allotment of all the cash prizes and bonus amounts rewarded to the contestants for their respective performances.

Admin can check all the requests of the contestants who want to withdraw their winning price into their banks and wallets through online transactions. Admin can grant permission or can deny for bank details, pan card details and for any other bank related information. Admin will manage the allotment of all the cash prizes and bonus amounts rewarded to the contestants for their respective performances.

If there is any problem with the user account then Admin can manage the user’s account.

Admin can change the game category according to the popularity of games in the user community.

From here whole earning can be seen from using the application

From this section, Admin can manage the rewarded points for the users

Admin can manage all kinds of reports like total earning report from the app, participants in-game score report, cash prize distribution report with the name of contestants, whole match report, ranking report of players, etc

Admin can manage all the problem-solving features like help, contact us, about us, etc.

Additional Features

Live Match Score

Users can keep a close eye on the live scores for an assortment of matches. Aside from scores they can enjoy highlights, expert opinion, master prediction, and unique video programs as well though a single application.

Live Score API Integration

The live score API integration feature is available for better performance of applications. Through this feature, developers can easily link their platforms.

CRM Integration

The applications developed by us support all back end services. Our most prominent back end services generation of tickets, proper management of user area, generation of emails, pop-up messages and various other services to assist the owner.

Push Notification

Cautions and messages are sent to the users at regular intervals to notify them about the match and grouping options. This feature keeps the user occupied all the time.

Real-time Analytics

The innovative technology of real-time analytics is the backbone of a fantasy sports app. Without this feature the application is worthless. Through this feature, all the users track varied events very easily.

GPS Location Tracking

This component helps send cautions and message pop-ups to the application users about the next proposed or progressing leagues or matches in surrounding locations. The owner of the app can keep a close look at the user base of the app in various cities through GPS. These features help in the marketing and promotion of apps according to the geographical area as well.

Custom Mail Reminder System

With this feature, users will receive emails from time to time on their registered email-id. It gives a peculiar touch to the whole automated system. The email reminder system provides updates about the upcoming matches, reward points, and various other activities.

Payment System

There are different payment modes available in the application and users may easily use them without any difficulty. Debit/Credit card, Net banking, or e-Wallet can be used to make payments for participation. The best part is that all these payments gateways are highly protected and ensure complete security of personal data of the users.


Payment Gateways
We collaborate with the best payment gateways
Data Feed Providers
We collaborate with the best data feed providers
  • Sportradar
  • Sportmonks
  • Sports Data
  • Enetpulse
  • Roanuz CricketAPI



Android SDK





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Fantasy Cricket App Development Company
antasy Cricket App Development

Albatross-Made Solution

Re-Design & Customized Application

Every application requires constant updates according to the latest technology. If your application is not up to the mark you are already out of the competition. We understand the world of technology and always develop futuristic algorithms that are quite easy to modify when required.

The customization feature of fantasy apps developed by us allows the owners to make changes in the app as per their requirements. Even bigger can make changes in the applications developed by us with great ease. We can proudly claim that we have the necessary talent and experience to provide highly customized applications.

UX/UI Design & Development | Services & Supports

Our codes are highly customized and considerably easy to understand as well as adjust. The utmost comfort of clients is our prime motto.

Custom Development

With us, you can have an astonishing Android application by accessing our pre-known Android application with the advancement of regular developing services.

Dedicated Developers

We assist you with employing dedicated Android Developers concentrating great on your needs to meet business objectives.

24x7 Support & Maintenance

Make the most out of the 24-hour Professional help and support benefits of our managerial services in the field of Android App Development. You will get 24* 7 support service of expert developers with us.