SEO became a successful process for most business owners. Starting from creating multiple accounts in several directories, trying to respond to reviews,s and retaining existing customers, business owners need to handle many things at once.

In India, there is a lot of digital marketing company in India that offer SEO services to people who would like to grow their business using the power of the World Wide Web. They have their own SEO packages depending on the needs of the clients and the type of website that they want to have.

A lot of people have thought that SEO is an easy process and anyone who knows to write and think well can be a good SEO professional. But, it is absolutely wrong as it’s not just your writing process that matters and there is a lot more to know.

When SEO runs into technical problems that can affect the online presence of your businesses. If these issues aren’t given attention, you might lose out on several potential customers who are trying to find your business.

The problems everyone has with SEO and the solution to solve them is,

Duplicate content

Even the best SEO company in Mumbai faces the major issue of the duplicity of content which is strictly not accepted in the SEO industry. This happens because of the lack of knowledge and creativity among writers which forces them to copy-paste content directly from the websites.

Solution: Train the writers properly and explain to them the implications of copying content from other sites.

Title tag issues

The title tag actually describes the page content within 60-65 words maximum. This is the most important part of a webpage as a person reads the meta description about the content on the page which is below the link. But, where 80-90% of the websites lag behind and never reach the first page so that people can actually know them.

Solution: when the owners of the website explain their site clearly to the writer it helps the writer to write a proper Meta description about the contents of the webpage.

Image optimization issues

The images that you use on your website are very important as they attract more customers to your page. If the image is very big and they load slowly, this makes the person viewing your page displeased and it makes them leave the site.

Solution: It should be noticed that the images you upload or use on your website should be clean and have an exact size so that they load along with the content. It is the designer’s responsibility to choose the proper images that reflect the content on the page.

Link issues:

Another major problem with inexperienced SEO Companies is they don’t have a clear idea about the link issues. Misleading links lead the website to be jam-packed which creates a lot of problems for the users.

Solution:  Should inform your problems with the links on your website and the engineers of the best SEO company will sort it out easily. This link issue has to be solved without any delay.

Poor mobile experience:

A faulty web design drives a website to slow down which irritates the person. So no one will visit a site that has a poor mobile experience as they know that these websites are a waste of time.

Solution: Get the problem fixed on an ASAP basis. There are some companies for sorting out this poor experience.

Thus these are some of the problems faced by everyone in SEO and the solutions for them.  

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