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How to Start Digital Marketing for a Brand New E-Commerce Site

Digitalization has made deep roots in our day-to-day life. With access to the internet, we can do any kind of activity be it learning or running a business in our own comfort zone. Digital marketing plays a key role in generating revenue by boosting sales through an electronic medium. Mobile phones especially smartphones and the…

Digitalization has made deep roots in our day-to-day life. With access to the internet, we can do any kind of activity be it learning or running a business in our own comfort zone. Digital marketing plays a key role in generating revenue by boosting sales through an electronic medium. Mobile phones especially smartphones and the internet have become part and parcel of every human being’s life. It has made life more sophisticated and hence online branding is essential for all kinds of business these days.  Online marketing or digital marketing is considered as efforts done to market your product through electronic devices like mobile phones and personal computers and has become one of the inevitable things in day-to-day life. It is going to be the future of marketing and it is showing graduate growth in recent days. 

With the revolution of digital mediums, businesses related to online are also showing steady growth in recent times. The emergence and growing stature of the E-commerce industry is the prime example of this. E-commerce refers to buying and selling products online and it is going to be the future of sales in the years to come. The advance of digital technologies stimulated the growth of E-commerce platforms across the globe. Many business giants are started believing in E-commerce and they are investing the huge sum of money to expand their business territory. Just starting the e-commerce website and selling products won’t work. You need different digital marketing strategies to withstand and grow further in the business. Here are the lists of digital marketing strategies that will help to grow the brand-new E-commerce website:

Grow your Email lists :

According to a recent survey conducted only 3 % of the first-time visitors on an e-commerce site is buying the products. So it is clear that you should make the visitors visit your website again and again in order to make the purchase. You need to find ways to connect and build a relationship with them in order to make more sales.  The best way to do it is by converting your visitors into email subscribers.

The average click rate for email marketing is 21 % whereas the average click rate for a Facebook campaign is limited to 6 % and the average click rate for Twitter is limited to only 2 %. Email marketing has made a huge impact on sales too because a recent study points out that 66 % of email subscribers have done their purchases in recent times.

So it is evident that as much as you increase the email subscribers you can increase the sales. Here is a list of a few strategies to increase your email list:

  • Place opt-in forms in the right place
  • Try to collect emails via checkouts and live chats
  • Use the exit intent popup in the right manner.

Also, send behavior-targeted emails because 39 % of marketers believe that behavior-targeted emails are helping them in increasing sales. Behavior-triggered emails are responsible for 75 % of the revenue generated through email marketing. The best way to stand out from the crowd is by sending behavior-triggered emails.

Also, try to send personalized emails as 40 % of the sales are happening through personalized emails. So sending personalized emails will not only increase sales but also enables you to connect your brand with the customers. Personalized emails also increase click rates and open rates. So better going with personalized emails is the right strategy.

Mobile optimization :

Seems it is a most known strategy but still many new e-commerce websites are not properly implementing this strategy. According to the Google search index, mobile-optimized websites are doing exceptionally well in search engine rankings. So mobile optimization is important for each and every websites and sales website like e-commerce it is inevitable. Mobile-friendly e-commerce websites are generating more revenue by making 67% of visitors purchase products from them. The fact is one – a third of the e-commerce purchases are made on mobiles and this tells the practical urgency of having your website as mobile-optimized and generating more traffic to your website.

Here are a few things that you need to consider while doing mobile optimization :

  • Try to simplify the checkout process
  • Make sure your website is faster on mobile
  • Try to improve your site search
  • Make your website a more responsive one.
  • Optimize the site menus and navigation

Market through social media :

Social media is one of the effective tools to increase your sales and build a brand reputation these days. it is one of the great options to convince your customers to buy the products from your website if used effectively. When you have an incredible fan base on social media and you can able to predict what they like to see in your posts then you can use this as an opportunity to convert your fan base into customers.

Social media marketing will definitely improve your sales. Many social media platforms are providing you the opportunity to link your website to your social media page without doing forceful advertisements. Facebook also provides a new tab called Marketplace where you can able to list your website and products. By using social media effectively you can increase sales.

Make your e-commerce website with rich content :

The trends are changing day by day, two years before the e-commerce service providers made their websites with new technologies and innovations. Creating a separate app for your website seemed to be essential these days.

Now technology has been replaced with emotions. Now you can see that e-commerce websites send more emotions than technology. Every e-commerce website is full of emotions and they started spending more on content these days.  Simple comprehensive and emotionally valuable content are playing a huge role in enhancing sales.

The contents are definitely the king and it emphasizes more on your company’s character, ethics, and journey rather than simply concentrating only on sales. Hence it enables the customers to get emotionally connected with your company.

Adding live chat :

As mentioned earlier not all visitors will purchase products from you so in order to make them your customers you need to connect emotionally with them. Providing live chat and answering their queries immediately will help you to share a bond with them and also you can collect valid information like their mail id and contact numbers. This will definitely help with email and message marketing also. It will also help you to discover and address the minor problems faced by the customers.

Generate more product reviews :

Product reviews are more important to make the customer purchase a particular product. The more the product review more the sales the recent study points out that 63 % of the customers purchase a product that has more product reviews and another study indicates that a product that has 50 or more reviews are sold out more than products that have a lesser number of reviews. The simplest way of generating more product reviews is by making your customer leave a review for that product.

These are effective strategies that can be implemented to grow more in the e-commerce business. Do it and reap success!

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