It’s really been a decade since Google announced that a site’s page speed will be a critical factor in its ranking. This implies that slow page speed would mean the search engine can crawl fewer pages which could negatively affect its indexation. A one-second delay for loading could lead to roughly 20 percent to 30 percent reduction in conversions. There have some benefits to it because this helps your site visitors to access the site and interact with it easily whereas a slow host will push users to go away. There are several digital marketing agencies and SEO agency which helps to improve the speed of web page and this is why every web page speed has increased a lot in this year 2023 as of now.

There have some elements of the webpage like –

  • OTHER ELEMENTS like logo, background, content, etc.

Now the question is how can you improve the speed of a web page?

  • The relationship between the load times and conversion rates shows a 25 percent decrease in conversion rates with just one extra second of time. The longer it takes to load, it will lower the average time spent on your webpage which will lead to a higher bounce rate and lesser conversations. So this can be the finest way to improve the speed of the web page. If you are searching for the best digital marketing agencies, there are a few agencies are there which have some special appeal of their own and those that have some features of their own which is why they are far better than the other companies. They add a blog which can be the best method of SEO. This is one of the best additions can add to your website to increase your rankings and increase the level of traffic.
  • Besides this, Google page speed insights grade your sites on a scale of 1 to 100 which gives recommendations for improvements to better optimize your site for its speed such as to minify CSS and other relevant suggestions.
  • You can also optimize your image which can be done manually using software such as gimp or Photoshop which you can use for your website to automatically do this. The main way is to optimize your images which can give you a far better experience for everyone to visit the site.
  • If you add an SSL certificate, it activates the padlock and the https protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser. This will help to receive a boost in rankings as a direct result.

    There are few SEO agencies which has their own features and characteristics. They understand every customer’s needs and they work with them to achieve success in a very shorter period of time. They have SEO experts for every industry. They influence the customers to make decisions by running targeted ads for your audience. In this way, they improve the web page speed this year. 

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