How to Develop a Fantasy Sports Mobile App like Fan Super League?

Fantasy Sports has gained a lot of prominence’s these days and people are hugely indulged in finding the best applications. In turn, allowing you to get a wonderful experience of playing your favorite game and uplift the sportsmen spirit. The games have been achieving even more love due to these applications and the increase in the love for technology and smart-phones. Games like Fantasy Cricket is being loved in the whole of the country and the platform is amazing.

So why not get indulged into this fun with Fan Super League?

To be more precise, easy registration process, quick teaming up, and exciting offers and bonuses lets you feel more enthusiastic about this game.

Business Aspect:

It is a great idea to invest in an application like Fan Super League that promotes an already loved game ‘Cricket’ in India. Also, the strong business model is quite good in terms of revenue generation as it comes primarily through partnerships, advertisements, sponsors, and the obvious entry fees.

Fantasy Cricket Market throughout the World –

Talking about the statistics, the Fantasy Sports League was first introduced in the USA in the year 1952. Today, approximately 59.3 million users are enjoying their game through fantasy applications. Also, 53% of the players use their mobile phones while playing their favorite fantasy game and from that, 54% of the population is between the age group of 18 and 34. Surely, cricket is one of the most played fantasy sports across the world.

How to set up a Business Model like Fan Super League?

It is always a brilliant idea to team up with mobile application development teams where you can get a website created just the way you want. The professionals can create a unique application for your favorite game, Cricket. However, make sure that the application partner that you choose is right.

Application Features & Functionality-

Contestant/Application user


Registration to Fan Super League is not rocket science. Just a little information and you can sign up to this brilliant platform.

Home Screen:

This is the screen where you can enjoy the whole match being displayed. There are tournaments going on. Make your team and show your sportsman spirit. The Live score keeps on displaying. You can even keep a track of the upcoming matches, along with the team, date, and time. Every game adds some points to your account.

Payment Mode:

Payments can be made through various platforms like Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and Wallets as well. Referral cash bonus points can also be availed.

Create Contest:

This is a button that can make you feel like owning a cricket team. With a single tap, the user can create his own contest by submitting some basic information. However, there is an entry fee that the user has to bear.

My Profile:

Under this section, the users can see their profile details, reward points, Manage payments, add cash, Account details, Ranking, and all other relevant information.

Invite & Earn:

Under this section, there is a URL that you can share with your friends. With the URL, a referral code goes out and with each successful sign-up, a bonus amount will be credited to your account. The same bonus can be used to make the payments for creating a contest.

Additional Features of Fan Super League –

Live Match Score: Track the match score while you are playing your favorite sports cricket with Fan Super League.

Push Notification: You will always keep on getting the notifications when you need to be informed that it’s time to create the team or join the contest.

Real-time Analytics: It is quite helpful as the data is captured continuously in the application. You can always have a look into the same.

Custom Mail Reminder System: An email reminder will also be sent to you for the upcoming matches you have.

Payment System: There are many modes of payments that are being supported like debit cards, credit cards, and Netbanking.

With Fan Super League, live your dream of creating your own team, your own contest and win against the other team.

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