How To Build Up An Application Like Dream11?

fantasy sports app in india

Cricket is a sport in India with the most enthusiastic fan base. They will never loose an opportunity to play the sport and thus the adventure and enthusiasm never dies out from the heart of folks who follow it like a religion. The newly introduced Dream11 Fantasy Sports Application ensures that the cricket fans can manage to take out some time to play the game even when they are all tied up.

But looking from the developers end, building an application like Dream11 at early stages will bring in a huge user fan base.

Growth of fantasy sports market in India

There is no doubt as to why the fantasy sports applications like Dream11 market is growing so rapidly in India or even worldwide. The industry is all set to break records in terms of user engagement.

Let us have a look at some stats about the growth of fantasy sports applications in India-

  • 42 minutes is the average time which a user spends in playing fantasy sports games daily.
  • The fantasy sports market has recorded an exponential growth in the number of users— in 2016, there were 2 million users, and the Dream 11 application is aiming to hit 200 million users by 2020.

   Game Format

Belonging to the sports genre, Dream 11 provides platform for multiple games like basketball, cricket, hockey, football. The players are given a chance to build their own team of real life players. They can win the matches and earn real cash. Dream 11 supports both paid and free contests.

How to build up an application like Dream11?

Well, we have listed the features that should be included while building a fantasy sports app like Dream11.

  • Registration / Log in Page
  • Home Screen
  • Settings
  • My profile.
  • Contest or joining
  • Payment.

For admin panel, the functionalities are

  • Admin Login and dashboard.
  • Reward points and bonus.
  • Manage reports.
  • Manage Withdraw Requests.
  • Manage CMS and points.
  • Payment/Transaction Management.
  • Notification and request management.

How much is the cost of developing an app like Dream11?

The total cost of developing a fantasy sports platform like Dream 11 depends upon the features and functionalities you are aiming to provide and the audience you are targeting. If you want your app to secure a huge fan base, you will have to add some extra features resulting in higher costs of development. The cost can be anywhere around $2000 to $6000, this average amount required to develop a fantasy sports app, the cost can be higher or lower depending on the features.

Developers from US will charge anything between $80 to $2000 hourly.

Developers from Eastern Europe will cost around $50 to $150 per hour.

Developers from Asia can be hired for as low as $50-$150.


Fantasy Sports apps nowadays are completely legal and safe with less competition in market, benefiting the developer in several ways. It has the capability to build a huge and loyal fan base and there are never ending events like IPL, BPL, ODI’s, Test Matches and t20’s, so the app has enormous scope.

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