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With what we can call exponential growth in the fantasy sports industry, fantasy Cricket is the best bet to win over the Indian gaming fan base. Stats have it that the fantasy sports market in India will grow up to INR 118 Billion by FY23, with Dream 11 constituting 90% of the market share. Being a member of the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming, the number of users of Dream 11 grew from 2 Million in 2017 to 4 Million users in 2018 and has also been ranked 10th in the list of top innovative companies in India in 2019 by Fast Company. The growth in terms of the number of users, market share, and rankings is remarkable for the development is the next big venture for Indian gaming application developers.

Indians never lose a chance to express their love and enthusiasm for Cricket, this expression has taken a completely different shape with the Dream 11 Fantasy Sports App. We had all sorts of alternatives and excuses to play the sport earlier, carving out wickets from tree branches, using wide sticks for bats, and whatnot, but the Dream 11 fantasy sports platform has uplifted all these excuses to the next level.

Being a fantasy sports platform, it allows users to play other popular sports like football, kabaddi, and basketball. But the best part is yet to come—the users who win a tournament can win cash prizes legitimately and withdraw it through s bank account linked with the app.

How Much It Cost To Make an App Like Dream11

The cost of developing a fantasy sports app like Dream11 depends upon various factors such as user interface design, developer’s experience, app structure and advanced app features, location of mobile app development companies, and a lot more.

Usually, the fantasy sports app consists of a user panel and an admin panel. The user panel with basic features will cost around $8000 and the admin panel around $9000 for both ios and Android. If you are looking for app development services, the developers will charge you on the basis of hours put up for development.

If you are planning to hire a proficient fantasy sports development team, it will hike up your budget by several thousand dollars. A well-customized app will cost you around $20000 to $30000

Some Basic Costs That Must be Included:

  • Cloud Server – Website Hosting will cost you anywhere around $1000 on a yearly basis depending on the traffic and hosting services you prefer.
  • Domain Registration – It will cost you $10-$20 per year to get a new domain.
  • Annual Maintenance – You will have to spend almost $1000, for updates and supports.
  • Legal Fees– It may cost you $1500, depending on your geographical location.
  • Data Feeds– It can range from $500 to thousand dollars, all depending on the type of sports and data.

How To Create an App Like Dream11

The development and maintenance of a fantasy sports app require a lot of in-built features to be included, the most basic are the domain name, website hosting, and GPS tracking.

Any fantasy sports app will mainly have a User panel and an Admin panel.

Features included in the User panel:

  • Login/Register
  • Sign up using Google/Facebook
  • Select Game
  • Find Contests
  • Create Team
  • Join free or paid contests
  • Make your own contest
  • Edit Team
  • Search upcoming contests
  • View Scoreboard
  • View Leaderboard
  • Compare Teams
  • Withdraw Money
  • Refer and Earn

For the Backend Admin Panel:

  • Manage Users, Tournaments, and Players
  • Add Contests and Tournaments
  • Sort players according to category
  • Manage payments
  • Manage Promotions
  • Manage Withdrawals
  • Check Analytics

Apart from the user and admin panels, the fantasy sports app will require the following to run:

  • Domain Name: A strong domain name will strengthen online market presence.
  • Cloud Server: Hosting your app will ensure your sports website can be accessed by everyone through the web. AWS provides cloud hosting, so it is suggested.
  • Sports API: API will ensure that the app has access to live score and match updates.
  • SMS Gateway: An SMS gateway will ensure that the players are notified about the contests and score through emails.
  • CRM Integration: CRM Integration will ensure the app gets integrated with the backend service provider.
  • Push Notifications: Messages and alerts can be sent to users about contest timings, scores, and upcoming tournaments.
  • Payment system: The prize money won in paid contests can be transferred to the user’s account; there should be different payment modes like bank transfers, credit / Debit cards, and e-wallets.

Fantasy Sports App Development Companies

With the recent surge in the fantasy sports development company, there are a lot of websites and app developers platform available which provides fantasy sports app development services. It may cost you a little higher on the budget but is recommended if you are looking out to build an application like Dream 11 with multiple in-built features.

At Albatross Media, we have our own team of certified designers and developers to help you out in building an innovative and unique application for your fantasy sports business. We will ensure that your fantasy sports app includes all the features required for a huge user base. We have all kinds of technological and innovative solutions to improvise your already existing apps. We have a team of creative, experienced, and passionate web developers who will ensure your fantasy sports are the best in the market with cutting-edge technology.

Top Reasons Why a Fantasy Cricket App Should be Your Next Venture-

  • No or less competition in the market- Even though virtual cricket is an immensely popular concept, it has not been implemented through enough apps just yet. So, your app can be an early one to be launched and thus will manage to get a bigger fan base and a great share of the market.
    • Scope for improvement – As mentioned above, the fantasy sports market is in its early stages. This way, your app will be among the few ones to be available in the market with little or no competition to set up the bars of competition high. That way, the app can advance over time; enhance its features to suit users’ choices.
    • Plethora of opportunities – An app based on a newly introduced concept, if it has the ability to win over the requirements of users, will always perform best in the market.
    • Loyal Users: Nearly 74% of the users play fantasy sports contests twice or thrice weekly, which ensures user stickiness. Offering multiple sports will lead to the growth of the gaming industry in India.

How to Get Real Users For the Fantasy Cricket App

Well, after the launch of your fantasy sports app, you need to get real users. There are a lot of ways you can promote your app to make it popular and go viral among the crowd of gaming enthusiasts. The marketing strategies include putting up your app in blog posts, app search optimization, and a lot more. Our marketing team will ensure your app is advertised in the correct way.

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