So you are an expert in your field, you have built a great website and made great clothes that would make the fashionistas in Milan green with envy.  However, you have one problem, you are starting out and have no money for advertising! You think to yourself, “How do I get people to notice my website and online business?”  After doing some research and talking to some other experienced small-scale online retailers, you find out that the answer lies in using Google Trends for SEO and content marketing – your website is loaded with blogs and other valuable content about fashion and clothes that will get people to buy your clothes like hotcakes.  The details of using Google Trends for SEO and content marketing are explained further.

How can you do it?

One way you can increase your website and its content visibility on the Internet is to choose the right keywords – those words that people in your target markets will type in when they are looking for the types of clothes you sell.  You can then use Google Trends, which is an effective tool put out by Google to compare and analyze the levels of traffic your website receives over a period of time. This will be like dynamite for you because you already know the amount of traffic the keywords you use on your website generate because you did your research on this beforehand!  

You also know that you can compare the amount of traffic new keywords will generate for your site by comparing them with the amounts of traffic you know the keywords you currently use generate for your traffic. This is powerful because it allows you to better sell your existing content, and it allows you to effectively market new content because you will know what keywords and topics to write it around!

How can you analyze long-term traffic trends?

When you analyze content popularity and value in terms of the amount of traffic it generates, you examine the effectiveness of keywords it is written around on both a long and short-term basis.  After doing some research, you learn that you can analyze long-term traffic trends and understand what patterns emerge by setting Google trends to show you website traffic data stretching back over a period of five years!  You see that the general trajectory of your website traffic is going up. This means that the keywords you chose are the ones your target audiences search for and that the content they are written around is selling. You now know that you need to focus on your current set of keywords, use new keywords that are similar, and/or related, and write content around this!

You decide to use a company offering proven Seo Services because you know that you need to plan your content in advance in order to ensure that both it and your website continue to be sought after by Internet search engine bots, and by the masses in your target audience!  This is invaluable for you because while you do know your industry inside and out, you are not a consultant, therefore you do not have the insights needed to plan written content so that it helps you achieve your long-term mission, objectives, and goals!  You are in luck because the traffic for your content is trending upward, and your content is about new and emerging trends, so you tell the company’s consultants to look for topics and data in the same vein!

You also know to view keyword trends over relatively short periods of time like 30 or 90 days because you know that you can see valuable patterns and trends, and can glean the insights from these that will allow you to maximize your content marketing efforts and strategies.  Through extensive research, you discover that two of the most popular keyword trends are “how to,” and “near me” searches. This is useful for you because you can examine the patterns and trends that these keyword trends create over a period of ninety days, and you can plan future content accordingly.  You will also know the days and weeks in which these trends were most popular in terms of searches.

You know that timing is crucial in terms of publishing content because the content is useless in your industry if it is not released at the same time that key trends in fashion are emerging.  You plan an effective and structured publishing schedule for this reason which you do not deviate from! You plan to publish your content written around how-to keywords on Sundays and Mondays because this is when people search for this type of content the most.  You decide to publish content written around the near me keywords on Fridays and Saturdays because this is when people search for this type of content the most!

How to use Google Trends to break down keyword trends and information?

You also know that you can use Google Trends to categorize your keywords to allow you to better analyze the more accurate data on these keywords that the analytical tool will offer.  You use Google Trends to break down keyword trends and information by geographic location because this allows you to understand what locations to target your content towards, which types of content you should be writing, and how to tailor content to certain regions.  For example, you narrow your keyword down by geographic location to know which blogs you should be writing for, and which content you should be writing for them – this is crucial in optimizing website traffic because people in your target markets read fashion blogs, and you want to have exposure to your company and corporate website for this reason!

Conclusion :

You are off to an excellent start now because you understand the basic fundamentals of using Google Trends for SEO and content marketing!  You know which keywords to use and how to structure your content around these keywords. More importantly, you know what days to publish your content to maximize its visibility, and you know which geographic locations to target, and which locations you should be targeting certain types of content towards.  You have confidence because you are now well on your way to becoming an emerging superstar in the fashion industry!

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