Election campaigning: digital vs traditional Which strategy is better?

The margin of error is very small when you walk over the political streets. Sometimes just a few hundred votes will decide whether you will become the voice of the common man or have to wait for the next election. If you don’t want to take any unwanted risk with your political campaign, then you should have a sound marketing strategy. Election campaigning is not a child’s play any more as you have to work hard for every single vote. Scholar politicians have their own experiences regarding different marketing strategies. But the most prominent question that can strike in the mind of any young aspirant is- Which campaigning strategy is better digital or traditional? So let’s compare both the marketing models to find the best one.

Man to man-marking

The political battles are completely based on your contact with the common man. In the 20th century door-to-door visit is considered as the most important element of any election campaign, usually, candidates visit every household to give a personal touch to their campaign. It is no doubt best strategy, but can you implement this in the present scenario? Well not at all, first, if you are campaigning for Vidhan Sabha or Lok Sabha elections then you have to cover a huge area in few days which is not that easy, for local elections it may be adopted till some extent. Second, when you visit a house in noon, whom will you address? Everyone would be at their respective workplaces or travelling or in colleges.

Don’t you think, in spite of moving door to door you should draft a personalised email for every voter of your constituency to give a personalised touch to the marketing? It would be a timesaving and effective methodology to reach every single person. At albatross media, we have an experienced team to handle different aspects of the personalised election campaign.

Public interactions

The trend of huge political rallies is still prevalent in our nation, but only the party workers can explain- how much effort they put, to gather huge crowds for such rallies? When you go for back to back political rallies, then it will create extra pressure on your body as well. Now you must be thinking- what are the alternatives? If you adopt the digital marketing campaign for election, then you can address the people of the whole country with the help of videos. It will not only save your time but reduce expenditure as well. If you wanted to go one step ahead, then you may try the live streaming option of YouTube to interact with everyone. Such kind of public interactions establishes two-way communications, i.e. the voters can ask their queries and you get the real-time feedback.

When you want to showcase your point of view

The traditional marketing provides very limited options to showcase your point of view to the common man; either you choose print media or electronic media. But we all are familiar with the numerous restrictions and complications of different media platforms. If you actually want to convey your emotions then you need such a medium which allows the complete control. And what could be a better option than a personalized FB page or Insta account?

So the moral of the story is – adopt the latest technology to fulfill your dream. The whole world is using various digital media platforms for political campaigning, and Indan politicians can’t afford to stay behind! The exclusive digital marketing services of Albatross media and entertainment should be selected for any kind of political campaign in any part of the nation.

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