Being the citizen of the biggest democracy in the world we can take pride in exercising our voting rights in different elections and at the same time, we also have the privilege to contest elections to become the voice of the common man of the country. Whether you are a big name in the political world or planning for a debut, you will definitely need the exclusive political campaign services of Albatross Media for a successful electoral campaign in any part of the country.

The beginning of a new era in the political world!

The big speeches of politicians on television and radio or detailed interviews in newspapers and magazines are the prominent methods of electoral campaigns a few years ago, but the tables are turned since the US presidential elections of 2007. The election campaign of Barack Obama set an example for the politicians of the entire world. It was the first time that technology and politics collaborated to reach the last row of society. Indian politicians also didn’t hesitate to adopt the new change, as the general elections of 2014 were based on digital campaigns. So we can confidently say that, in the upcoming elections, the role of different online marketing platforms will be very crucial.

How digital marketing is helpful for politicians in India?

Only two statements are sufficient to answer this question.

  1. More than 60% population of India is under 30.
  2. Youngsters spend 5-6 hours of the day online.

It implies that if you want to reach the maximum population of India in the most convenient manner, then you should take assistance from several online marketing platforms. Now you understand the significance of digital marketing in politics. So let’s take a close look at the different stages of the political campaign.


Become a familiar face

Establishing yourself as a reliable person among the common people is not a simple task. You have to take each step very carefully to reach that goal. The process of Image building starts much before the official announcement that you are running for the office. In the present scenario, politicians are not much different from big brands. Hence it is very important that before filing the nomination for election you become a familiar face among the common man.


Take a small step every day

Once you become a familiar face on the social media platform, then you need to be more careful about every single step. Now all your social activities should be focused on the campaign only. Every tweet, retweet, Facebook post, Instagram photo, or video shared by you should be a part of the marketing strategy. If you are thinking that posting on all those platforms on a daily basis, would be very difficult then you can avail the expert services of Albatross Media, as we have a huge team of professionals to handle different social media platforms on behalf of eminent politicians.


Your stand

The most crucial step of any political campaign is to convey your idea and ideology to the masses. You must have a strong stand regarding the financial, social, and religious problems of the nation. One can share his or her opinion through videos, tweets, graphics, images, or even you can take advantage of TikTok as well.


Contingent plan

When you are planning for something big, then the chances of error are always there. In that case, you need a backup like Albatross Media. Suppose your campaign workers post an indecent message out of emotions due to which your account is blocked, now what will you do? Well, you don’t have to do anything because we understand the norms of Facebook, Instagram, tweeter, and other platforms very well, so we try to protect your page or profile in every possible way and if gets banned, we have solutions for that problem as well.


Damage control

No matter how big-name you are! When you are in the political world, the opposition will never hesitate to put false allegations on you, and the naïve common man believes them easily. In that case, you need to work on a damage control plan to clean up the image. Albatross Media is active in the entertainment world as well hence you can trust us for image-building and damage control jobs through online press releases,  Insta posts, clarification tweets or you can even come up with a small clarification video message.

The political campaigns designed by Albatross Media are unique because-

  • We understand the nature and taste of the youth, of India.
  • Sound political understanding.
  • Complete coverage of all social media platforms.
  • Ground-level updates of voting trends.
  • Target-bound strategies.
  • A special campaign for each section of the society.

Digital Marketing suite of Albatross Media for Politicians includes-

  • Display ads (paid)
  • Email Marketing–with the targeted audience (paid)
  • Facebook–Fans & Followers with the targeted audience (paid)
  • AdWords (paid)
  • Remarketing–with the targeted audience (paid)
  • Online PR.
  • WhatsApp Marketing.
  • Video Marketing.
  • Website Design/Development
  • Trend Analysts.
  • Content Marketing.
  • SMS Marketing.

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