Digital Marketing for Politicians A modern way to conduct a successful election campaign

Being the citizen of the biggest democracy in the world we can take pride by exercising our voting rights in different elections and at the same time, we also have the privilege to contest elections to become the voice of the common man of the country. Whether you are a big name of the political […]

Election campaigning: digital vs traditional Which strategy is better?

The margin of error is very small when you walk over the political streets. Sometimes just a few hundred votes will decide whether you will become the voice of the common man or have to wait for the next election. If you don’t want to take any unwanted risk with your political campaign, then you […]

5 Key roles of digital marketing in political campaign Jo Dikhta Hai VO Hi Sarkar Banata Hai!

digital marketing

When you are going to cast the vote, how will you select the right candidate? If we go by bookish definition then we can say past record, development, intention, public life etc, but the reality is very different from ideality. You will never vote for a person whom you don’t know! According to political campaign […]

The 6 Best Advertising Strategies For Small Business

The success of any business, let it be a big business with a multi-crore turnover or a small scale business owned by a single person, it depends on the strategy which is being used Here are the 6 pivotal advertising strategies one need to follow to attain success in their small business: 1- Know your […]

How To Enhance Your Content Quality – Ultimate Guide ?

The content marketing deals with the finest quality of the content writings. The contents are used for internet traffic which is widely increasing all over the marketing strategies. It is a very good tactic for the users who usually access to the best and the finest quality content. In this competitive world, the content writers […]


Do you know what is hot and not when it comes to social media advertising? Instagram is such a nice platform for online shops that focus on main pictures being uploaded by end users or sellers to attract followers and customers for generating income. There are various ways to promote and sell products online through paid […]

Influence of Social Media on Political Campaigns during Election

Election is on its way and every party would have a motto to win the hearts of the people. During the election, every party tries to promote their ideas and activities. With the emergence of the Internet, promotions happen on social media and online also. Nowadays, political parties will reach to the public through political campaign […]

Make sure to try these things on Social Media in 2019

With every passing year, Social Media is changing according to the flux. Therefore, social media strategy is surprising the users. Social media trends largely rely on a few crucial factors. They are like economic, fashion and technical and political changes. The contents in social media have become some more engaging with passing time. The tools which monitor […]

How can you use Instagram for Business in the Best Possible Way?

Would you wish to induce your product seen by additional individuals, grow a powerful following of shoppers United Nations agency extremely relate to your brand, and find paid? If so, then Instagram is your magic spell. Now that Instagram has over 700 million monthly users (that’s over Twitter!), several brands area unit finding ways that to act with the Instagram community and earn in a person endowed customers United Nations agency keep coming back for more. social media marketing services in Delhi promote your business values […]

Influential Hashtag Movements Across The World

For platforms, like Twitter, Instagram, hashtags are an essential ingredient to the social posting recipe. But we should know how to use hashtags. By adding hashtags help surface your article to the member who may find it relevant. On the LinkedIn mobile app, you can tap a hashtag displayed to show other content.  How to use […]