5 Prominent Reasons To Launch Your Fantasy Cricket App In 2020-21

Cricket is undoubtedly one of the most famous sports in India. The game is played by both amateurs and professionals all around the world. The current year i.e. 2020-21 will be the year of cricket as there are several cricketing events lining up for the cricket fans. Due to this, there is a great zeal […]

5 Factors That Affect The Cost Of Any Fantasy Sports App!

What is the secret of success in the corporate world? A futuristic approach!  If you observe the current market trends carefully, then you understand that the most promising and profit enduring sector in upcoming days would be the digital world. And the digital world is driven, either by money-making platforms or entertainment platforms. Don’t you […]

How to make an App like dream11?

5 crucial aspects of the development of fantasy sports applications As the next season of IPL is knocking the doors you cannot save yourself from the fever of cricket in the hot subcontinental summers. If we observe the monetary aspect of cricket then there is no doubt that it is a million-dollar game. Several brands […]

How to Make App like Dream11?

In human life fantasy and reality goes hand in hand! Sometimes we realist the fantasy while there are occasions when we fantasise the reality. Even in various cases, we cannot differentiate between fantasy and reality.  In the era of artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the expectations of viewers from the game have changed completely. Well, […]

Game of skill – An Introduction

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As the market of fantasy sports apps is rapidly increasing, the debates regarding the different aspects of such gaming applications are inevitable. There are some people who compare these applications with traditional gambling but what is the percentage of truth in such kind of comparison? Let’s try to find out with the help of this […]

Fantasy sports- It’s not a game of instance!

Fantasy sports

Often people confuse fantasy sports as a matter of luck or game of instance but it is just a misconception of the common man. If you have a deep understanding of the different activities of the game then you will definitely get the prize money.  So we can say that fantasy sports are actually a […]

A complete guide to build your own fantasy sports app like Dream11

how to develop app like dream11

With what we can call an exponential growth in the fantasy sports industry, fantasy Cricket is the best bet to win over the Indian gaming fan base. Stats have it that the fantasy sports market in India will grow up to INR 118 Billion by FY23, Dream 11 constituting 90% of the market share. Being […]

How To Build Up An Application Like Dream11?

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Cricket is a sport in India with the most enthusiastic fan base. They will never loose an opportunity to play the sport and thus the adventure and enthusiasm never dies out from the heart of folks who follow it like a religion. The newly introduced Dream11 Fantasy Sports Application ensures that the cricket fans can […]

How To Construct An Application For Fantasy Sports

how to make application like dream11

In the digital age, it’s not enough just after the matches. The celebrating audience that had been content with watching the match from their TV or the stadium would like to get closer and more acquainted with the players. With numerous cricket fantasy apps and applications such as dream11, real money cricket games have appeared […]