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As you will find numerous apps in the fantasy sports category so marketing becomes very crucial for the success of any project. Several best fantasy cricket app developmental collapsed badly when it comes to marketing but at Albatross Media and Entertainment, you find digital marketing experts who have sufficient experience in this segment. If you are looking for what is the best way to market a fantasy cricket app, then this article is for you only, as here we will discuss different aspects of the marketing of the application.

We all know that the fantasy app business is an ocean of opportunities and many people come up with a prominent question -How to market a fantasy app in India? If you also have the same question, then you must follow these six awesome strategies to capture the market in a quick time. So let’s take a detailed look at-

Six Best Marketing Strategies for fantasy apps

  1. Create awareness in the market

The first step towards fantasy sports app marketing should be planned in such a way that you can create awareness among the potential users of your application. You can start with Twitter, Facebook page, or Instagram. All these platforms help you to make people curious about your application. According to app marketing experts of Albatross Media– “For any fantasy app we follow the 75: 25 concept. Here 75% focus on creating brand awareness and 25% focus on selling.”

  • Generation of traffic

The second most prominent step in the App promotion for your fantasy sports is the generation of traffic. You can use Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, PPC, LinkedIn, email, Instagram, etc to generate organic traffic. Apart from social media marketing, one can use search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing to get organic traffic. Blogging can be a strong weapon for getting attention; you can publish blogs related to your application on different blogging platforms to ensure a strong digital presence.

  • Lead Acquisition

For a successful Fantasy Sports Digital Marketing, you have to focus on every lead. If anyone searches for your application then you should have sufficient resources for regular follow-ups, to provide the complete information. One can do this through 24*7 customer support or chatbots. The remarketing campaigns can be conducted to convert potential visitors into users.

  • Real users

Getting real users is not that easy, in this highly competitive environment. Where can I get an Indian real user for the fantasy cricket application? This prominent question may bother any owner who is willing to develop a fantasy cricket app like Dream 11.  We can help you to get real users by app store marking, play store marketing, and generating backlinks to different websites.

  • Maximum downloads

If you are coming up with a new fantasy app then first you should ensure maximum downloads. But the bone of contention is how? Several expensive apps failed because they cannot get enough users in the initial phases so How to be Part of the Fantasy Cricket App Industry? Becomes an obvious question. At Albatross Media we can assure you of maximum download with app installation campaigns, AD Words campaigns, Social campaigns, etc.

  • User retention

Once you get the user for the application then it is very important to keep them occupied. It is the most crucial stage of any app here you are supposed to occupy the attention of the user with constant notifications, push messages, personalized emails, etc. 

As a genuine cricket fan, fantasy sports app development is something that you would adore. It not only lets you utilize your insight for the game but also improves your ability to understand the game. Apart from technical points of view, if we observe the monetary benefits then no one loses in this deal.  If you are also thinking of developing a fantasy sports application then you should immediately rush to an expert sports app development company like- Albatros Media and Entertainment to convert your brainchild into a successful startup. We have a huge team of experts for the marketing and development of fantasy sports apps. To get more information give us a call at +91- 9867412310 or you can drop an email at

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    We are working on fantacy app development, need help in marketing.

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