As the next season of IPL is knocking on the doors you cannot save yourself from the fever of cricket in the hot subcontinental summers. If we observe the monetary aspect of cricket then there is no doubt that it is a million-dollar game. Several brands are making huge profits by using this cricketing mania. One such success story is Dream 11. Everyone in the market is fascinated by the miraculous success of the fantasy cricket app Dream 11. Whether you are planning to launch a gaming application for cricket, football, hockey, tennis, kabaddi, badminton, or any other sport or just a curious fan who wanted to know- how to make an app like dream11? This article is for you, as here I would be discussing five crucial aspects of the development of any fantasy sports application. So let’s try to find out those factors which are responsible for the historical success of Dream 11.

  1. Development

When you closely observe or play Dream 11 for once then you understand that- this particular application is developed by experts. So if you are aiming to develop a similar application or thinking about how to create an app like dream11? Then you should select quality developers. You cannot trust any general category app developer for a fantasy sports application as such applications require advanced skills. For developing an easy-to-use, bug-free yet secure app, you need a dedicated developer like – Albatross Media.

2. Technology

When it comes to apps, no one wants to use outdated technology for development, and a similar concept is applied to fantasy sports applications as well. You need to go with the latest technology to develop your own fantasy sports app.

3. Servers

When the thought -how to make an application like dream11? Strikes in your mind then you should monitor the servers used by them. If you are willing to develop an application like dream11, then appropriate servers are needed to ensure smooth data flow.  Amazon servers are generally used for the better performance of such applications.

4. API

If you are not too familiar with software terminology then you may understand API as the soul of the application. API is the abbreviated form of application programming Interface which allows the user to operate the software. API enables the player to watch live scores and monitor other activities of the game. So if you are seeking a one-word answer for -how to develop an app like dream11? Then it must be a strong API. If you want more and more people to play games on your platform, then you must have a user-friendly API.

5. Payment gateways

When you have bigger dreams, you are not allowed to compromise on quality at all. If you want to launch a multinational gaming platform like dream11 then you need to link different payment gateways with the application. Your app must support net banking, credit cards, debit cards, and different payment wallets like- Google Pay, Paytm, PayPal, etc.

The bottom line is that- fantasy apps are a perfect combination of creativity and technology to maximize the joy of sports. The owners of such apps are making big profits in a quick time. Hence, it is clear that the craze of fantasy sports only going to increase in the upcoming years. Now you must be thinking about how much it cost to make an app like dream11 you need to discuss us. Well, to get the answer, you have to wait for my next article. In the upcoming article, I will discuss all those elements that may affect the cost of any fantasy sports application.

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