Start-ups newly emerge with the concept of business ventures that aims at their target market through business models involving products, services, processes, or platforms. In short, it is the initial stage of any company that will capitalize on the market sooner. These companies have lots of risks of uncertainties and failures and can face them anytime if you don’t have a proper business concept with proper planning and promulgation. Promulgation can be captured by appropriate branding and promotion.

Branding is the nascent introduction of company products and services to the potential customers in the target market and leaving a memorable experience in the customer’s mind. It is the process of creating a unique name and image in the market leaving a long-lasting relationship between the company and the customer. Branding is created through advertisements and promotional activities by companies using the medium like television, newspapers, radio, digital marketing, etc. Branding has an important role to play in targeting the company’s mission and visions and that is explained by the below six valid reasons

  1. Initial Introduction of products and services
    Branding lets people get aware that the product is now available in the market, how to use the same, and further the benefits of using the product.
  2. Maintains loyal customers and Generate new customers
    Branding helps the customers to understand the benefits, advantages, and proper usage of the product and keep it loyal and frequently calling potential customers again and again through repeated advertisements leading to new customers.
  3. Creates a positive attitude with trust toward the product
    It is very important to have a positive attitude in the mind of the customer for repeat purchases of the product. Branding helps in vanishing all the negative thoughts that have aroused due to some misunderstanding or negligence of the company.
  4. Highlights the product’s Special feature
    Nowadays “swiggy” has highlighted its special feature known for delivering a single piece of sweet at the doorstop creating a positive attitude in the mind of people. This says that people will be entertained at any cost as customers’ requirement is the priority of the company.
  5. Inspires and motivates the internal employees
    As the growth of the company increases, the desire to devote their efforts towards the company among the employees increases which encapsulates the idea of increased pay to build up the motivation by the employer.
  6. Develops the image and value of the Company
    When the company launches its brands in the market through advertisements and promotions, it creates a picture in the mind of the customers that are easily recognizable at a single glance. Hence, increasing the value of the company in the market.

Without branding, no company can stand in the market as it is the company’s perception and reputation in the mind of the customer leaving a memorable logo and experience. In short, branding is everything and plays an important role to play for the sustainability of the company in the market.

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