Capturing the national market in the digital world is the next step for companies that are looking to expand their business. The marketing strategy, both in the real world as well as the digital world is equally important for the success of the company locally and nationwide. An effective digital marketing strategy can prove to be a game changer.

Success starts with rightly placing the company product and/or services in the minds of the target customers and the audience as well. It requires in-depth research and analysis to reach the right target in the right meaning in the most effective way and maintain and excel in the expectations of the large audience. When I say audience, I mean the present customers as well as the future. The meaning of the marketing message is decided by the customers and, not the marketer. What mean to them, compel them to make an action which is, buying? SEO is going to be the one providing that meaning for the customers.

SEO will build the platform for, awareness about the brand; help in influencing the minds, and; build its brand value. The basic model that, I base my tips on is represented by this pyramid.

Before entering into a bigger market, the very first step in the process will be evaluating the brand’s value in its present market. The SEO ranking in the present market can be known with the basic keyword search in Google searches.

Now you need to know what is keywords, in the market you want to enter into prevalent and the search engine tools used or mostly browsed by the customers, like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. You definitely want to be seen there and be among the most searched ones. This will help you in devising awareness about the brand and influence positively.

#1 Make a list of the top 10 – 15 words :

This can be done with the help of Google’s Keywords tool. This list must contain the topics related to your company and product and the topics you will be covering in your next update. Rank the topics and the related sentences on the topic and the subtopics. The first step, if done correctly, will help in effective content derivation.

#2 Make every topic a new web page content :

For every topic from your list make a new web page. This will help the search engines to direct the audience directly to the page they desire to look for. This will also, help in providing an image and brand value to your company.

Here’s a case study to better grasp the idea.

A tourism company Maldives Traveller was not doing a good job with its current online strategy. They hired Fitbit Technologies, an SEO company for this job. Fitbit Technologies carried out extensive research and studies to conclude their steps in a few strategies being:

  1. Studied business and clients thoroughly. What the clients were looking for and what made them buy from Maldives Traveller.
  2. Came up with the improved website content. They studied the different top players in the market, to come up with unique and quality information.
  3. Derived the keywords, from the studies and research, to show up the company’s name in the top lists of SEO and quality information.

The strategy was a savior for Fitbit Technologies. The visitors per day increase was observed as over 40% also increasing the number of returned visitors online. The success credits go to the strategically chosen keywords.

#3 Take part in blogging :

You need to keep showing up by posting in blogs regularly. Every blog post will be a new web page. Frequent blogging provides authority and the more authority you have the better your brand ranks. Authority can be established by writing blog posts and sharing them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. While doing this keep in mind, do not repeat the long-tailed keywords too often. It can end in a red flag to search engines bringing down the SEO ranking. Establish a link to your web page and the related blogs.            

#4 Create back-links :

Links that direct the viewers to your webpage are called the back-links. You can create backlinks on web pages. An example with one more case study,

An Ohio-based manufacturing company, Belden Brick Company, wanted to make its website more client-friendly. As the company sold a wide range of products, the web page was too many. They approached TKG SEO company to solve their visibility and client experience online. The SEO company did all the research on what was the established website and they knew the behind-the-scenes of the search engines, the backlinks were to be placed for a better client experience. They limited their efforts to :

  1. Backlinking the new product web pages to the right main website page of the company. For this, they created an effective header and footer for the web page such that as the company added a new product, the SEO Company worked along keeping the website updated and cohesive at all times.
  2. Generated multiple ad campaigns to find the best one ( Google Ad+ can be used ).

The results were astonishing with an increase in the number of web page visitors by more than 81 % within a year was achieved.

#5 Keep an eye on the competition and be up-to-date :

Keep an eye on your competitors by being current with their latest development and marketing strategies. What are they doing? How are they doing it? What keeps them ahead of you? Keep track of your SEO plan and measure its success regularly, maybe on a monthly basis. Choose the tool that suits your requirement in evaluation. You can use the SEM Rush. Use Excel tools and Google Sheets to monitor the traffic you experience for your website.

You can keep yourself updated through a variety of resources like :

  • SEO Moz
  • SEO Book
  • Search Engine Round table
  • Search Engine Land
  • Blogs

With these simple yet powerful tips, I have presented the strategies to be considered when one is planning to expand business in new markets nationally and internationally. The stages and steps and simple to follow but keep the business attached to its roots of success intact in the vast and unimaginable digital world.

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