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When you are going to cast the vote, how will you select the right candidate? If we go by bookish definition then we can say past record, development, intention, public life etc, but the reality is very different from ideality. You will never vote for a person whom you don’t know! According to political campaign expert and CEO of Albatross Media, Mr Imran Sheikh- “The first step of any political campaign should be the mass recognition and digital marketing is one of the most convenient methods to occupy a place in the heart of common men”

When a voter saw a particular face on every social media platform be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or on youtube he or she cannot ignore that person at all. Since 2012 the significance of digital marketing in politics is only increasing, it has grown by 575% so far, and still rising. An expert marketing strategy has a very prominent role to play in various political campaigns, be it the Presidential elections of the US in 2011 or the general elections of India in 2019; the role of Digital marketing is clearly visible. 

Why digital marketing?

Politics is all about publicity and digital platforms are best for the publicity of any product, service, or person of course! So let’s take a detailed look at- the role of digital marketing in a political campaign

  1.  Mass Reorganization-

When you are planning to contest for the Lok Sabha or Vidhan Sabha elections then, first of all, you have to make sure that the maximum population of your constituency must be familiar with you. Different digital marketing platforms help you to establish a strong image in public life.

  •  Online Reputation Management-

Politics is a two-way street! Here the criticism and credit go hand in hand, the opposition party always tries to highlight your small errors, or sometimes your name has been dragged into false scams. Hence it becomes very important to have a PR team to manage your reputation. The PR team of Albatross Media will help you to establish a clean reputation; we can publish press releases in the public domain to showcase the point of view of any politician.

  •  Bonding with the common man-   

If you have a strong bonding with the common man then no one can stop you from achieving a remarkable position in political life. At Albatross Media we have all the resources to establish a strong bonding with different sections of the society.

  •  Strategy according to the target

For any political campaign, you need different strategies to please different sections of society. Like, for youth you need to focus on education and employment opportunities, for the poor section you need to focus on development schemes, for service class you need to focus on investment, taxation, and other benefits. So any political campaign is actually a union of several sub-campaigns. At Albatross Media, we offer different strategies as per the targeted audience to get the desired results.

  •  Every election is different

You can not follow one rigid plan to contest every election. In general elections, we often saw a strong impact on national issues like- poverty, unemployment, foreign relations, growth rate, FDI etc, while in local elections the focus is on education, health, infrastructure etc. Hence you need an expert digital marketing partner that can help you to design flexible marketing strategies for any political campaign as per the requirement.

Politics is not a game of luck or family monopoly anymore! Success in political life depends on honest work for the public welfare and the presentation of that work. If you are doing something great for the nation but can’t able to showcase that work to the masses then you are not considered as an ideal politician at all. In short, we can say that-

Honest work + Strong digital presence = Successful political life

So, if you are working honestly and still not recognized then give a call to Albatross Media @ 91 98674 12310 to get name, fame, and publicity.

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