5 Prominent Reasons To Launch Your Fantasy Cricket App In 2020-21

Cricket is undoubtedly one of the most famous sports in India. The game is played by both amateurs and professionals all around the world. The current year i.e. 2020-21 will be the year of cricket as there are several cricketing events lining up for the cricket fans. Due to this, there is a great zeal […]

Digital Marketing for Politicians A modern way to conduct a successful election campaign

Being the citizen of the biggest democracy in the world we can take pride by exercising our voting rights in different elections and at the same time, we also have the privilege to contest elections to become the voice of the common man of the country. Whether you are a big name of the political […]

5 Factors That Affect The Cost Of Any Fantasy Sports App!

What is the secret of success in the corporate world? A futuristic approach!  If you observe the current market trends carefully, then you understand that the most promising and profit enduring sector in upcoming days would be the digital world. And the digital world is driven, either by money-making platforms or entertainment platforms. Don’t you […]

Election campaigning: digital vs traditional Which strategy is better?

The margin of error is very small when you walk over the political streets. Sometimes just a few hundred votes will decide whether you will become the voice of the common man or have to wait for the next election. If you don’t want to take any unwanted risk with your political campaign, then you […]

5 Key roles of digital marketing in political campaign Jo Dikhta Hai VO Hi Sarkar Banata Hai!

digital marketing

When you are going to cast the vote, how will you select the right candidate? If we go by bookish definition then we can say past record, development, intention, public life etc, but the reality is very different from ideality. You will never vote for a person whom you don’t know! According to political campaign […]

How to make an App like dream11?

5 crucial aspects of the development of fantasy sports applications As the next season of IPL is knocking the doors you cannot save yourself from the fever of cricket in the hot subcontinental summers. If we observe the monetary aspect of cricket then there is no doubt that it is a million-dollar game. Several brands […]

How to Make App like Dream11?

In human life fantasy and reality goes hand in hand! Sometimes we realist the fantasy while there are occasions when we fantasise the reality. Even in various cases, we cannot differentiate between fantasy and reality.  In the era of artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the expectations of viewers from the game have changed completely. Well, […]

Best 6 marketing strategies for fantasy apps

Fantasy Sports Digital Marketing

As you will find numerous apps in fantasy sports category so marketing becomes very crucial for the success of any project. Several best fantasy cricket app developmental collapsed badly when it comes to marketing but at Albatross media and entertainment you find digital marketing experts who have sufficient experience of this segment. If you are […]